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In healthcare, knowledge is what elevates team member to most valued status. Doctors and patients count on your knowledge, but staying on top of your game in an ever-changing profession can be a challenge.

Journal articles are a great way to stay current and improve your diagnostic skills. With a membership to Practical Reviews, you can continually expand your knowledge and put it into daily practice. Monthly summaries are delivered to your phone, computer, tablet, or physical mailbox and you get 24/7 unlimited access to a database of evidence-based research with our powerful app.
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Our unbiased physician panel reviews today’s most pressing medical literature and produces convenient, reliable summaries you can access any time – on the go and at the point of care. In one resource, you’ll discover a range of benefits that will equip you to deliver better care, including:

14 issues annually that allow you to easily and conveniently earn up to 56-70 CME credits annually.

Access to our online database of over 125,000 articles of unbiased research.

The free Practical Reviews app is a powerful point-of-care reference tool.

Personalized CE tracker that lets you keep up with your credits in one place.

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You want to keep ahead of constant changes in medicine, but it’s time-consuming to peruse through journal articles and online sources. Practical Reviews does the work for you. The free Practical Reviews app provides 24/7 access to a comprehensive database of research across 23 specialty areas providing the ultimate point-of-care clinical reference tool.


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