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From the classroom to the exam room, the amount of information you must maintain can be overwhelming. Practical Reviews is with you every step of the way, preparing you for rounds and clinical decision-making with evidence-based, unbiased research. Our community of expert physicians/editors delivers concise summaries from hundreds of current medical journals, in convenient media formats including a powerful app that lets you access the latest research at the point-of-care. Plus, it reinforces learning by providing engaging audio commentary and clinical tips. Become a member and receive comprehensive 24/7 access to all 23 specialties. Join the elite journal club today!
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You want to keep ahead of constant changes in medicine, but it’s time-consuming to peruse through journal articles and online sources. Practical Reviews does the work for you. The free Practical Reviews app provides 24/7 access to a comprehensive database of research across 23 specialty areas providing the ultimate point-of-care clinical reference tool.


Popular Articles from Practical Reviews Available in 23 medical and dental specialties.

Stay informed of the latest medical advances on your field, without shifting through countless journals and articles.

  • Practical Reviews in Internal Medicine covers the articles that are clinically the most useful for practicing physicians. I was a subscriber for 15 years before I became the editor and always found that Practical Reviews in Internal Medicine helped me stay on top of the medical literature and give my patients the best possible care. And now, it's even easier to stay connected 24/7 with the Practical Reviews app."

    • D. Paauw, MD, MACP
      Coordinating Editor
  • I have enjoyed using Practical Review in Psychiatry (PRP) for more than twenty years. The reports are timely and interesting and it is a very easy way to cover my CME needs. Volume 41, Number 6 (Medical Error 2014 Part 2) was perhaps the best presentation I have gotten from PRP. It was clear, candid and courageous. I was at the edge of my (car)seat. I have never written PRP before, but the presentation was so good, I felt I had to let you know. I will be sharing it with my wife, who is an OBGYN. Keep up the fine work!

    • Justin O. Schechter, MD, FAPA
  • I think Practical Reviews is the optimal resource for every practicing health care professional. I keep sharp by learning the latest advances and staying current on research in my field. I can search topics and conditions with the app during appointments to provide the best solution possible to almost any of my patients’ issues. Practical Reviews is invaluable. I recommend Practical Reviews to anyone who pursues excellence for their patient care and the success of their practice.

    • Don Gifford, DDS
  • Concise, thorough, and a great value for what you get; it allows me to be knowledgeable about current topics from journals I don’t have time to read.

    • Grant Fletcher, MD
  • Hi, just wanted to give a testimonial from a 'younger physican'. I graduated medical school 2003 from Northwestern and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Emory. As a physician in a community private practice, it can be difficult to keep up to date with dynamic changes in medicine. Practical Reviews offers a convenient way of keeping abreast of current evidence based medicine. I can download articles to my smart phone and listen in the car. Additionally, taking quizzes at the end for CME credit is fast and easy. Despite being away from academics, Practical Reviews for Internal Medicine allows me to maintain academic integrity and practice evidence based, current medicine.

    • Christopher Ko, M.D.