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Family Medicine CME

CME that improves patient, family and doctor satisfaction.

As a family medicine practitioner, it can be hard to keep up with trends and new developments as they happen. Oakstone makes it easy to continue your medical education by providing consolidated clinical research summarized by your peers, as well as comprehensive specialty reviews available in online and audio formats. From CMEinfo board reviews and topical video courses, to CMEinfo Insider’s exclusive access and comprehensive multimedia content, you can deepen your understanding of topics like immunizations, sports related injuries, and more.

Having trouble staying current when you’re swamped? Practical Reviews is a lifeline that helps you manage the influx of new medical information and focus on what you need to know now. All it takes is 15 minutes to read an article selected by our team of expert clinicians, listen to the commentary, take a quiz, and earn CME credit.

Life can be complicated. Your CME doesn't have to be.

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Oakstone Specialty Review

Designed to help clinicians diagnose and treat neurological symptoms and problems, this comprehensive update covers topics in clinical neurology that non-neurologists see in their daily practice. Ideal for MOC.

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Specialty Review

An immersive CME program geared toward optimizing transition of pediatric patients with chronic conditions into adult care.

Oakstone Specialty Review

A comprehensive CME program carefully designed to help non-specialists effectively screen, counsel and treat patients with substance use disorders. Ideal for MOC.

University of California San Francisco Clinical Update

This practical update reviews a full range of common but controversial issues in women’s health and emphasizes new developments in preventive care for women.

Oakstone Primary Care Series - Clinical Update

Expert faculty present images of real dermatology patients, providing a unique case-based approach to dermatology in the primary care setting.
Practical Reviews is a fast, effective way to stay on top of new medical information and earn online CME. Featuring expert audio, text commentary and relevant clinical tips, articles are hand-selected from leading medical journals across 20 specialties.

Oakstone Board Review

Expand your knowledge and stay current on the newest advances in family medicine with this convenient CME program.
Comprehensive evidence-based online resource for all stages of your medical career. 24/7 access to our continually updated library of board reviews, clinical updates, and journal article summaries. All in one convenient place. (Offer expires 12/31/19.)
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